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Hi! I am Duku,

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father of two and chef of the family. I like cooking, photography, sailing and programming. I love my kids and my wife so I strive for spending time with them. Cooking is one way of doing this. I cook for 4 every day, where ever we are.

Cooking every day for my family provides some relaxing moments as well as the joy of sharing a nice meal with my wife, kids and sometimes friends. I believe anyone can do the same so here I am, sharing my experience with you.

The beginings

My mother is a great cook and since early childhood we always enjoyed sharing meals with the family and friends. It is also a Romanian thing, where hospitality means food and drinks of best quality and great quantity. We eat and drink to celebrate any occasion as well as with no reason other than the simple joy of being together.

As a student, I was suddenly faced with having to eat meals of lesser quality. I didn’t like it so I started cooking. With advice from my mother as well as lots of experimenting I soon became known as a better cook than most of my friends.


At 26 I moved to The Netherlands, with a good job, a small suitcase and 25USD in my pocket.

This country is a culinary paradise, not so much due to its own cuisine but perhaps exactly because its native cuisine is practically nonexistent not too sophisticated. The restaurants of a huge variety of cuisines are as closed to the original as they can get. What a great inspiration!

We traveled a lot since we moved to the Netherlands, within Europe as well as Asia, Middle East, India and the US. We always looked to eat where locals eat, as authentic as possible. We avoided luxury restaurants mostly because we wanted to experience the places like the locals do. And what an experience that is!

The best restaurant I ever set foot on was in Thailand, where a cook living in an obscure small village in the North displayed the best culinary skills I’ve ever witnessed. Gorgeous presentation, generous portions, a variety of dishes and simply heavenly tasting food. We could not stop exclaiming all kind of sounds expressing surprise, pleasure and excitement during dinner. It was just perfect, I will never forget that evening.

Yes, eating all those great foods made me wanting to cook them too. After several failed attempts to mimic what I’ve seen and tasted, I started reading about cooking and learned the basics from scratch, just like a beginner but probably with a better understanding of what I am doing.

Traveling greatly enriched my cooking experience. I cooked by recipes at first and soon after I started experimenting, combining flavors and doing my own thing.


In 2013 our son Alex was born. Two years later, our little girl Vera came to this world. A new era started for us. We don’t have time anymore and we forget a lot. I started to write down my recipes because I was unable to reproduce them after a few weeks.

I used to cook only when I was in the mood or hungry; I learned now to cook when the kids are hungry. I used to favor some slow cooking recipes and now I adapted my style to fast cooking meals with a twist. I sometimes skipped cooking for breakfast or lunch. Now I have to cook every day at least for the children. I enjoy it very much, especially when I hear “Daddy, this is really yummy, do it again soon!”

Ulcerative colitis

I had my first bloody flare up in 2013, decided to postpone the detailed investigation and try a diet first. The scientific view found no evidence for diets working. Who and how much is investing in diet research? Who is investing in medication and how much? Modern medicine is medication oriented. It is not wrong or right, I do not believe in any corporate conspiracies, it is just a fact, due to how financing is working.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating for not taking the medicines, please do so. I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to giving medical advice to anyone. I am simply narrating my own experience.

I followed the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), a Paleo based elimination diet. Well, coincidence or not, it worked. I was blood free within a couple of weeks and all symptoms vanished within a couple of months. I started to reintroduce foods and 3 years later I was indulging again in all the restricted ones. I had no symptoms anymore until the summer of 2017, when a severe flare up convinced me to investigate the cause. I was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

After lots of reading and reflection, I decided to try the diet again (AIP + FODMAP) before going for potentially intrusive medication. Coincidence again, it worked. Time will tell for how long.

I went back to basics. New recipes came into my portfolio, using just a few natural ingredients and producing simple, tasty and filling meals, enjoyed by us all.

About the blog

I’ve met many scared of cooking, because, they say, it is hard, takes lots of time and the results are poor. Just like everything else, I know it can be pretty easy, once you have the knowledge. I am convinced that anyone can cook tasty meals if they have a recipe that is clear, simple and detailed.

Healthy cooking for family and friends, every day, where ever we are, really works for us. It is delicious, easy, fast and fun. It can be the same for you too.

Our goal is to empower you to quickly cook healthy recipes by offering detailed, step by step cooking instructions. Delicious, freshly cooked food enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Breakfast in 15 minutes, dinner in 1/2 an hour – most of the times.

As a bonus, we offer some recipes fitting various diets, like Paleo, AIP, FODMAP, low carb, diary free, gluten free, vegan etc.

Thank you for reading and enjoy cooking!

Warm regards,

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  1. Hi Duku! Nice blog. Will definitely try some recipes from you, they seem to be tasty and at the same time very healthy and easy to cook. Keep it up and good luck with discovering and posting new recipes!

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