Cauliflower rice

This is a known recipe that I use to replace rice. It is simple, quick and easy to make. It really does work well to replace the rice in asian dishes.

Some cook this dish fast (3-5 minutes), with the lid on. I prefer to cook it for longer, with the lid off, so that it is not mushy-moist when finished.


(5 minutes)

Cauliflower rice – prepare

Using a grater (large holes), break the cauliflower into rice-size chunks, directly into a large bowl. Take care not to get pieces of nails and flesh in there!
My wife prefers the food processor, pulse mode. It is much faster and safer although it does require more skill. Process it too much, you end up with a paste. Too little – you eat giant rice.


(10 minutes)

Cauliflower rice – cook
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  • place the cast iron skillet on medium heat
  • add 1 tbs of coconut oil
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  • add the cauliflower
  • and 1 ts of salt
  • stir
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  • stir
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  • stir
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  • stir
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  • fire out
  • done! great job!


Cauliflower rice – enjoy

I use this mostly as a side dish for asian recipes, to replace rice. I serve it as if it is rice – either in a bowl from where everyone takes some in his own plate, or if I prepare each plate, just like I would prepare the plate with rice. Enjoy!

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