Egg rolls with mushrooms

Simple, quick to make, tasty and filling – perfect for breakfast. The shrimp-like plating is a mood and appetite booster for the little ones.


(5 minutes)

  • 1.peel the cucumber, cut it in half lengthwise and then slice it in 5-7mm0.25in thick pieces. When plating, these will be the legs of the shrimp. Leave it on the cutting board.
  • 2.cut the cherry tomatoes in two. They will be the eyes.
  • 3.cut the pepper bell to get 8 antennas and 4 tails, like in the plating image bellow
  • 4.grate the 4 mushrooms so that you’ll have 4 little piles, ready to be used
  • 5.prepare 4 empty plates. When done, you’ll get each egg-roll directly on the plate, as the shrimp’s body. At the end you’ll finish decorating with veggies
When cooking starts, after the pan is heated, it takes 3 minutes per egg roll. Be focused and work quickly!


(15 minutes)

Egg rolls with mushrooms – cooking sprinkle mushrooms
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  • place the pan on medium heat
  • crack an egg and beat it well with a fork. add just a pinch of salt and pepper
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— add the egg —
  • turn heat to medium-low
  • add 1 ts of coconut oil or other oil you like cooking with
  • add the beaten egg and shake gently the pan so the egg spreads evenly
  • sprinkle one grated mushroom over 1/2 the surface of the egg
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  • starting from the mushrooms covered side, gently roll the egg, using the spatula and your fingers (or another spatula)
  • crack and beat another egg
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  • turn the roll on the other side
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  • this one is done. Put it on a plate and start over from section — add the egg —


Egg rolls with mushrooms – plating
Now there are 4 plates with an egg roll in each. It is time for finishing the shrimps. In each plate
  • 1.cut the roll in bite size slices, about 1.5cm0.8in wide. These are the segments of the shrimp.
  • 2.add the “feet” cucumber, a pair for each segment
  • 3.add the eyes (1/2 cherry tomatoes)
  • 4.add the antennas
  • 5.and the tail

The food looks great, it is lukewarm, just nice to eat, and kids are smiling. Enjoy!

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