Green and yellow soup (with lamb and spinach)

During my ulcerative colitis flare-up this soup was always calming and satisfying.
The recipe is inspired by a Middle-Eastern dish. It is simplified and adapted to be low FODMAP, AIP compliant but to remain delicious. My kids love it too so it must be something to it.

It is one of my favorite soups. I like the colors, I like the flavors and I simply enjoy cooking this recipe.


(10 minutes)

Green and yellow soup with lamb and spinach – prepared
  • 1.put the meat into a large bowl.
  • 2.finely chop the dill and toss it over the meat.
  • 3.peel and grate the carrot over the meat.
  • 4.add 1/3 cup cassava flour and 1/3 cup tapioca to the meat bowl.
  • 5.sprinkle 2ts of salt.
  • 6.mix well, with the hands.
  • 7.make meatballs 5-6cm2-2.4in diameter.
  • 8.put 1l34fl.oz of water to boil.


(25 minutes)

Green and yellow soup with lamb and spinach – turning meatballs
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  • put the pot on medium heat
  • add 1tbs of coconut oil (or other oil you like)
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  • place the meatballs carefully, as many as possible should be in contact with the oil
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  • turn the meat balls with care not to break them (use a spoon and lift them from underneath)
  • sprinkle 1ts of turmeric powder
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  • grate some of the lime peel over the meatballs
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  • add the boiling water and 1ts of salt
  • squeeze 1/2 the lime juice in
  • cover with the lid
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  • add the leaves, dip them all in the soup
  • fire out
  • put the lid on
  • done! let it rest 5 minutes before serving


Green and yellow soup with lamb and spinach – plating 3

Don’t wait too long before serving for the spinach leaves will lose their nice fresh green color.
Put a 5 meatballs in each bowl, add some spinach leaves and 1-2 lads 1-2 ladles of clear soup. Start for kids first their soup will cool a bit before serving. When serving, warn them it is still hot!

Bon Appetit!

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