Pork and polenta

This recipe is inspired from a typical Romanian dish, "Pigs’s Alms". In rural areas, it is eaten before Christmas, with friends and relatives that helped with the processing of a slaughtered pig. Traditionally, before eating, a shot of Țuica – a strong plum made spirit – is being served (for adults only).

I changed the traditional recipe quite a bit. Most notably, the meat is not deep fried. I added lemon as well as dill. It is an easy recipe, tastes great and my kids love it! (especially the polenta).


(8 minutes)

Pork and polenta – prepare
  • 1.put 1l34fl oz of water to boil
  • 2.grind 1 ts of cumin
  • 3.cut the pork in 1,5-2cm1in cubes, put it in the larger bowl and season with 1 ts of salt and the cumin
  • 4.grind 1/2 red pepper (or blend it) and put it in its bowl
  • 5.chop the onion julienne and put it in the onion bowl
  • 6.cut 1 lemon in half. From one half, cut 4 slices of lemon, about 4mm0.15in thick. Chop them and put them in the lemon bowl, together with 1 tbs of brown sugar. Squeeze over the juice from the rest of the lemon.
  • 7.peel 4 garlic cloves
  • 8.finely chop the dill and put it in the sauce bowl, together with the yogurt. Optionally, you can add 1 ts of mustard. Using a garlic press, smash 2 cloves over the yogurt, add a pinch of salt and mix well to incorporate all ingredients.


(30 minutes)

cook44 fumescook44 potcook44 fireH
  • put the meat pot on high heat
cook44 fumescook44 lidcook44 potcook44 fireL
  • put the polenta pot on low heat
  • add the boiling water and 2 ts of salt
  • pour the polenta and gently stir
  • cover with a lid
cook44 fumescook44 potcook44 fireM
  • turn heat to medium
  • add 1 tbs of coconut oil (or other oil/fat you like)
  • add the meat
  • using a garlic press, smash 2 cloves over the meat
cook44 fumescook44 lidcook44 potcook44 fireM
  • stir the meat
  • cover with a lid
cook44 fumescook44 lidcook44 potcook44 fireL
  • turn heat to low
  • add the pepper
  • add the lemon juice (not the chopped bits!)
  • stir
  • cover
cook44 potcook44 fireX
  • fire out for polenta
  • polenta is done, let it there with the lid off
cook44 fumescook44 potcook44 fireH
  • high heat
  • take off the lid
cook44 fumescook44 potcook44 fireM
  • turn heat to medium
  • add the onions and stir
  • if there is no liquid, add 1/4 cup white dry wine or water and stir well, scrubbing a bit if the meat sticked to the bottom
cook44 fumescook44 lidcook44 potcook44 fireL
  • turn heat to low
  • add the chopped lemon
  • stir
  • put the lid on
cook44 lidcook44 potcook44 fireX
  • fire out
  • leave the lid on and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • dinner is ready. Well done! Enjoy!


Pork and polenta – plating

Put in plates first for kids so it can cool a bit more. In each plate, add a few tablespoons of polenta and a few tablespoons of meat. The sauce goes well with the polenta. Optionally, add some pickles to the plate.

Enjoy and warn the kids that the polenta can be still hot!

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