Quick chicken and pepper breakfast

A simple yet delicious breakfast, with just chicken breast, pepper and onion. Only 15 minutes to prepare and cook! Kids just love this dish!


(5 minutes)

Quick chicken and pepper breakfast – preparation
  • 1.I took 1/3 of green, red and yellow pepper bell and cut them in 3-5mm0.2in thick stripes. Put them in the pepper bowl.
  • 2.peel one small onion and slice itjulienne (cut it in half and then transversal slices of about 3-5mm0.2in) and put it in the onion bowl.
  • 3.cut a lemon in half
  • 4.with the mortar and pestle, grind 1 full tbs cumin with 1/3 tbs salt
  • 5.I used 1/2 chicken breast. Cut it in it 1/2 inch thick stripes, about 4-5 cm1/2 inch long. To do this, first cut transversal slices 1.5cm1/2 inch tick then cut in stripes each slice.
  • 6.sprinkle 1/2 of the cumin over the meat


(10 minutes)

Quick chicken and pepper breakfast – cooking final
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  • put the pan on high heat
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  • medium heat
  • add 1tbs fat (I use coconut oil or lard)
  • place the chicken with the seasoning down
  • sprinkle over the chicken the rest cumin
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  • turn the chicken stripes with the kitchen tong
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  • add the onion
  • squeeze in juice from half a lemon
  • stir
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  • high heat
  • add the pepper
  • stir
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  • medium heat
  • stir
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  • fire out
  • 1bs olive oil
  • stir
  • done! enjoy!


Quick chicken and pepper breakfast – presentation

Prepare 4 plates and put one 1tbs of meat and veggies in each plate. Continue putting 1tbs in each plate until finished.

The food will be cooled a bit before serving and kids can start eating immediately.

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